India is among the top five countries in terms of startup activities. Indian startups have set their foot in all areas and are proving their mettle. A breakthrough innovation is the base, coupled with knowledge on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) i.e. the need for protecting the innovation, are steps towards success. Protection of Intellectual Property (IP) is critical for market standing and growth of the startup as well as to avoid IP infringement charges. A good IP portfolio attracts investors, since it carries a unique product promising a unique market opportunity. Though Indian government has been incentivising protection of innovation and IP by startups, it needs to be ascertained as to how startups look at IP protection, use IP in their business and what can be done to further assist them.

The objective of this survey is to understand the level of awareness regarding IP amongst startups. The main focus of this survey is on technology startups. The questionnaire consists of five sections. Section I and Section II gather the startup’s profile in general and with respect to their sectors. Section III contains questions related to IP awareness and understanding. Section IV caters to questions related to management of IP by startups and Section V aims to know the level of awareness amongst startups on government initiatives in this direction.